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Опубл. 29.08.2008 | прочитано 5266 раз |  Комментарии (0)     Автор: Tabol Вернуться на начальную страницу Tabol
Canadian Ossetians struggled to swallow the article entitled “Russian troops in no rush to go” written in the Toronto Star.

For the last two weeks, we had all gotten used to the American, and some other media bias in their reports about the state of South Ossetia. There is no need to describe all the false information spread by the western media in the past couple of weeks; however, it is undeniable that it was widely condemned by the civilians of South Ossetia. A single fact can tell you everything: during the first three days of the war, when major war crimes were being committed towards Ossetian civilians, there were no western journalists located on South Ossetian territory; they all were covering the war from the Georgian side.  

Many journalists, with the intention of supporting the Georgian and American media propaganda, compromised their instinctive morals. Just take a look at how events in this article are presented. The one-sided, pro-Georgian, pro-American, article describes Russian troops as the aggressors trying to destroy the little democratic state of Georgia. Next to this article there is a huge picture of an Ossetian girl crying in the middle of a benefit concert led by maestro Gergiev and his orchestra held in the heart of the shelled and destroyed city of Tskhinvali. How shameful is that? 

Don’t people understand how blasphemous it is to bring attention to 130 Georgian casualties, most of who were troops that broke into South Ossetia at night with the aim of ethnic cleansing, and completely disregard the thousands of Ossetian civilians brutally murdered in Tskhinvali and in many other villages?  

All independent sources have already confirmed the act of Georgian aggression started in the evening of August 7th, when the civilians of the city were asleep in their beds. Around midnight, five hours after declaring a ceasefire, Georgia started an extensive ground offensive operation, shelling and bombing the South Ossetian capital Tskhinvali and surrounding villages. At this time, the Georgian president, Saakashvili, declared that he ordered to start the operation in order “to restore the constitutional order in South Ossetia”. It was several days later, when the world learned the real name of the operation: “Clean field”. No comments needed. We all know what happened after.  

Communicating with our relatives and friends in Ossetia, we heard about their horrible stories on how the “field” was actually cleaned. The carriers of Georgian “democracy” were killing elderly people, pregnant women, and children. They aimed to destroy all evidence. They burnt the houses of poor Ossetians, and dropped grenades into the basements where civilians try to hide. They literally ran tanks over people trying to escape and even over the graves at the local cemetery. More than 80% of the buildings and houses in Tskhinvali were either leveled or heavily damaged. It looks like Stalingrad in 1943. 

The Georgian forces tried the most extremes forms of ethnic cleansing in South Ossetia, armed and supported by the American government and other NATO countries. No people, no problem. That was the main goal of this aggression.  

We are clear in our opinion on what has happened there. If the Russian forces did not enter the war zone on a second day of the Georgian aggression and did not destroy the Georgian military infrastructure, there would be no Ossetian left alive in South Ossetia. Just a clean field, as the aggressors planned. That is why we thank the Russian government for saving the lives of our relatives.  

Canadian Ossetians do not blame regular Georgians and do not feel any negative feelings toward them. They too became victims of the political adventures. We blame only the gambling Georgian president, his government and those overseas who generously support them with their taxpayers’ money.  

Moreover, Canadian Ossetians would like to request for help from our government, for which we voted to have in place.  

Canada committed $1 million in humanitarian aid to Georgia, as The Canadian Press report says, “…after Russia sent tanks and troops into the ex-Soviet state”. There were just few residential houses damaged, and several civilians died in the Georgian city of Gori. All other Georgian casualties happened to be military, within the battles. We are very sorry for any single Georgian civilian life that was taken, and we are sure the people who suffered there do need our help and support.  

However, does our government have a right to ignore several hundred Ossetians brutally killed, thousands of those who lost their loved ones, the leveled city of Tskhinvali and 37 thousand Ossetians who escaped from their homeland? Should the South Ossetians have to suffer more because they are not the #1 priority to the Western world? 

The Canadian Ossetian Association has already started fundraising in order to help the victims in South Ossetia. As taxpayers, and citizens of Canada, we expect our government to see both sides and do everything in their power to help the hundreds of thousands of poor and, now, homeless families of the brutally murdered and injured civilians of South Ossetia. 


Canadian Ossetian Association ALANIA

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